In today’s world the most valuable asset for any individual or for any organisation is data. For any organisation
to manage their data is the most important activity to do. For business firm, it is indeed necessary to keep
their data managed, secure and organised. In order to do business with customers, it is the most important factor
to establish, maintain and grow professional relationships with them for a life long period. To fulfil this need,
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comes in the frame. CRM enables companies build better business relationships
and keep the track record of their data.

CRM is not only limited to sales field, but also serves various purpose like contact management, customer services,
HR, productivity, business deals, customer opportunity management, report & dashboard, analytics, automation etc.
CRM is been use by small to giant level companies for better engagement with their clients, collogues and suppliers.
The striking feature about CRM software is that, it is been used by all type of professionals. For example, it is been
used by technologist as crowd product to store and analyse communication between clients and company professionals.
CRM is more useful for sales person as, it takes care about managing customer’s data and manage relationships with them.

CRM is the tool which empowers maintaining and managing abilities of business professionals and provide them a facility
to keep track of their customer’s interaction and business conversation and it is also the fundamental asset for client
acquisition and retention. The core function of CRM is that, it allows professionals and clients to get engaged on single
platform and exchange ideas regarding business deals and more.

CRM is being used in various fields and it serves all the industries with its vast availability of functionalities and day
by day it is getting exposure in all the working sector as well. Sales professionals use it to getting better idea and
making sales strategy. CRM helps them to monitoring of theie teams, sales targets and campaigns. Customer retention teams
can totally take care of their communication via different mediums. Marketing experts can perform their part of forecasting
and building strategies accordingly. The Human-Resource team can use CRM software to fulfil recruitment process and keep
record of team’s progress.

There also rise a need of customisation in every field as every industry and business has it’s own working pattern and
different business scenarios. CRM software allows customisation according to different business needs and to make workflow
even accurate and flexible then it used to be. There are many types of customisations are available for CRM software. By adding
more information fields like, email,mobile number, website, company name,skype-id etc, you can customised CRM, which will store
more data about customer and help professional to understand needs of customers. To get a better outcome form it and use it as its
best, you can engage CRM software with any external software to maintain information and use it in a better and precise way for

According to experts, CRM is the kind of tool that can bring revolution in business industry by creating a bridge between customers
and professionals. It has the capability to serve and fulfil technical, sales, marketing etc goals at once as it mainly focuses on
client-oriented functionalities.