In today’s smart & digital world, smart phone has become inevitable part of every human being. Without smart devices, one can not imagine his life. Smart phone has touched every aspect of human life and has a huge impact
in making people’s lives better and comfortable then it used to be. With growing number of smart phones, there is also the evolution of smart apps (Android, iOS) can be noticed. Mobile apps are changing the life-styles of
every human and has precious contribution
in order to make it better than ever. Today’s mobile apps are setting up the records and describing immense potential and capability of changing the world of tomorrow.

By noticing and analysing today’s mobile applications, we can predict that in the era of 2050, it will do wonders we could not even imagine. The rise of various technologies and their implementation in mobile app ensures that
it can bring revolution in the mobile application industry. Compare to past 10 years, mobile apps have been Used by very User to get the fast access and improved people’s lives by making their work more easy and flexible. With just a movements of finger, a person can do lot of his tasks and get free from some daily burdens. We can predict that, with the just
blink of eye or command we can run the application and likewise it can help us in many ways to manage and optimise our day to day work-flow.

As we all know the impact of artificial intelligence in the technological world and how rapidly it is increasing and stepping in the mobile technological world. As per its meaning, it is being use not just to make mobile applications smart but also intelligent. Like smart apps, there would the concept of “intelligent app” will rise in the coming few years. By observing today’s Artificial intelligence exposure towards various industries, it is obvious that AI is setting up the benchmark for prospective technologies especially in mobile-tech world. With the help of such kind
of mobile app it becomes easy for user to personalise the way of working and predict the respective outcomes form work. it is the possibility that in future, just like Google assistant and Siri, user will be able to have his own virtual assistant who can perform all the task by using intelligence.

In the world of mobile app, augmented reality and virtual reality is the technology which is constantly influencing the functionalities and behaviour of the mobile application. Mobile app consisting AR & VR technology enables user to get the information of any object and to experience the object without physical touch. Due to this amazing features and functionalities it is being adopted in various industries like Medical, Gaming, Education, Entertainment and many more.

The benefits of using AR & VR devices is that, it improves the realistic scenario for user to experience the remote location and experience the digital world without being in a physical touch. Predicting the future, Mobile app having the augmented reality will change the world.

In this digital era, impact of wearable technology on mobile application is constantly increasing day by day. It has touched different industries like Healthcare, Entertainment, Media, Defence and many more. The Giant companies like Google, Apple etc has already developed mobile apps with the engagement of wearable devices like google lens and Apple watch respectively. These is just a beginning of revolution of wearable devices and related mobile application. In the future, a huge expansion of these
technologies will be seen and according to the experts it will grow up to its peak level.

It can be said that, what we have seen in the mobile application industry is just a beginning of the revolution in the mobile app industry. Instead of E-Commerce, M-Commerce will be in the trend as Tech giants like Google , Amazon, Apple etc have launched their mobile wallets so that user can purchase through it, which is ultimately increasing the M-Commerce trend. Talking about healthcare industry mobile app will the most important asset for them as through intelligent mobile apps health experts will be able to know the previous medical record of patient and through remote location they can totally take care of the patient in the emergency time.
It is indeed acceptable that in the future, education sector will get influenced at big level as leaning process for students will become much more easy yet creative and interesting. In the last few years, Financial institutes have huge impact of mobile banking applications as they have started using chatbots, net banking. In future Blockchain technologies will make up their marks and secure the payment methods and increase the trend of cashless transactions. At last in the defence sector, future high-tech mobile applications will provide the total security and will prevent the surprise attacks of enemies, thus there will be a lot of scope for improvement in defence by using Mobile applications.

In the conclusion, it is evident that what we have seen is just a beginning of the revolution of mobile application. In the year 2050 it is predictable that, current scenario and structure of mobile applications will be totally changed and it will generate tremendous outcomes out of it.