Project Delivery

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Delivery Methodologies

encompassing strong global delivery models for your business


01 OFFSITE/OFFSHORE DELIVERY With the Offshore Model of Bvijtech, you experience the same top-notch service while stimulating development through time zone benefits and supporting trade and employment rates for better cost-effectiveness. The Offshore Model shields the client’s intellectual assets, proprietary software and new development requirements with very high degree of security. Clients hold full possession of all software source code and intellectual property rights at the project completion of a project.

02 ONSITE DELIVERY This model suits well when the development team is required to work in close collaboration with client’s associates, the scope of the project is not clearly defined, or it is iterative or open-ended in nature. During the entire process, our authorities report to an onsite manager and also report back to our offices on a daily basis. The services offered by an onsite consultant are - project specifications capture and technology evaluation, designing functional specifications, design, coding, testing, support, and maintenance.

03 ONSITE/OFFSITE HYBRID DELIVERY MODEL Providing value through Onsite/Offsite Hybrid Delivery Model is one of the most beneficial aspects of Bvijtech. The Onsite/Offsite Hybrid Model serves significantly to the clients plan to outsource their work to an OffShore team. The Offsite acts as a medium, between the interim base and the OffShore team offering appropriate inputs to the completion of the project.

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