In the world of 21st Century, “Data” is the term that everyone is aware about and eventually deal with it at every single moment. For every industry whether it is Educational, Financial, Defence, Banking, Information Technology etc, “Data” is the the most fundamental part. Data refers to an information which is the most valuable factor in today’s digital era. Talking about today’s scenario, the most sounded term is “Big Data”.
Big data refers to the high volume data in the structured and non-structured formats.
There is so much to do with big data like analysis, prediction, mining, optimisation, transferring, storing etc. By doing such
kind of processes, Organisations can improve and understand the business patterns and can increase the efficiency of the product and services.

Big data consists of the 3 Vs. 1-Volume, 2-Velocity, 3-Variety. It is said that these 3 Vs are the main pillars of the Big data. Volume consist of the data in big volume gathering from various resources. For instance, the
amount of data that is been generated from websites, mobile apps, portals represents “big volume” of Big data which is creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data everyday. Velocity refers to the speed of the data generation. To be precise 63,000 searches is being performed on google in just 1 second. Variety means the type of data that has been generated which are mostly divided into two parts: Structured and Unstructured data. Structured data
includes numbers, alphabets, dates etc, while unstructured data consist of e-mail, photos, videos etc. Keeping in the mind above all the characteristics of big data and by analysing and processing it making the set of information is the primary function which needs to be performed by the experts in order to expand and improve business strategies.

Big data is indeed an important in today’s high-tech and business world as it provides insights of the future technologies. Some of the most advanced fields like Data-science, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Cloud computing uses the Bid data technologies. Industries like Government, Education, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Banking, Medical,
Technology etc have the huge impact of Big data.
When you are having data coming from the various resources, it becomes the necessary part to handle and manipulate the data which requires lots of time and money. With the help of Big data tools, it becomes so easy to shape data into specific structure and ultimately it has the cost advantage plus time reduction benefit also. Depending upon the customer and his specific needs, particular type of business workflow can be generated via
analytics process also it helps to understand market scenarios as well. Big data tools help you in providing instant feedback so that, business professional can understand and change the flow accordingly. At the end it more secure than other platforms so it is worth to apply such kind of technologies in organisations.

There are lots of Big data softwares available like Apache Hadoop, Apache spark, MapReduce, Big query etc. All the softwares provides you some of the best services to store, manipulate and generating some specific patterns and informations out of the sets of data. At an enterprise level it is very useful as it provides platform to experts and professionals and helps them to increase their productivity. It also offers facility of security, real time analytics, monitoring. Talking about working of Big data there are mainly three categories: 1-Integrate, 2- Manage, 3-Analyse. First important step to collect the data from the various sources and converting them into proper format so that it can be processed for further operations. Later on to manage the data is the second most crucial part of the process. In today’s scenario cloud storage is counted as the best way to store and manage the data as it allows more security and provide real time values. At last the fundamental part to complete the process is to analyse the data. In this step, expert has to create specific data sets and models according to business needs and later on analyse the data and with the help of visualisation generate information. This last step can give you the precise information and with the help of that professionals make business strategies and maintain their workflow.

In the conclusion, it is obvious that there is lots of amount of data is being generated at every second. Observing this process it is also predictable that, in the future there will be the striking impact of “Big Data”. According to experts and professionals of big data technology, big data will be the most influencing industry in coming few years and will remain useful for the long span of time. According to current scenario, experts are working on engaging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, Data science etc to the “Big Data” technology. So ultimately big data can be the game changer in the future time.